Lab Updates

MD DNR, Lora Harris and Jeremy Testa named winners in the Nutrient Sensor Action Challenge

The UMCES MD DNR team developed a plan to monitor the effects of storms and the Conowingo Dam inputs on nutrients in the Upper Chesapeake Bay.  Sensors will be places in Upper and Mid Bay regions to take real time measurements of Nitrate and Phosphate during storm events.  Sampling every two weeks allows for storm events to be easily missed.  The real time measurements will allow researchers to capture storm effects and monitor nutrient pulses and how long these added nutrients might stay in the water.  

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Conowingo Dam photo by Aaron Harrington


Summer Vegetation Sampling at the Marsh has begun...

The Harris Lab is out sampling marsh vegetation this week.  The site shown at the left is unusual because the vegetation is all growing out of a floating peat island!  This survey helps us track the restoration and changing biodiversity as the marsh converts from brackish to fresh.

Check out Zachary Gotthardt's Sea Grant Blog!

Harris Lab masters student Zachary Gotthardt writes a blog post for Maryland Sea Grant about his thesis work at Rock Creek in Pasadena, Maryland.  

Click here to read Zach's Blog entry: Bubble, Bubble: A Community's Fix for Bad Smells Offers a Unique Research Opportunity 

Maryland Sea Grant provides support for graduate students in coastal science to explore their interests and broaden their experience. To find out more about Graduate Student Fellowships or to read other student's blogs, Click Here


Meet Brooke, our summer REU student

We are excited to welcome Brooke Iancone as our new REU intern for the summer. Here are some fun facts about her:

Hometown: Medford, NJ

School: Rowan University in Glassboro NJ

Major: Environmental Studies and Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

What she will be studying this summer:  Phytoplankton grazing in the Patuxent River

Why she like Environmental Science: "I'm interested in Stewardship.  I like that through Environmental Science you can reduce human impacts on the planet."

Favorite Food: Pizza "New Jersey Style"

Random Fact:  Brooke Loves Concerts and has been to more than 60 of them!

Lora Heads to Puerto Rico for Tortuga Program

Lora Harris and Jamie Pierson head to Puerto Rico to lead a field study with undergraduate students.  The group, made up of undergraduates from two Puerto Rican universities, will spend a week investigating bioluminescence - a glow in the water - and the plankton that causes it. This year, they will spend about a week studying one of the three bioluminescent bays, Laguna Grande.  The group will analyze sand on the bay’s beaches, count seagrass in the lagoons and around the lagoon mouth, and study growth and grazing rates of the organism that glows, a single-celled algae called Pyrodinium bahamense.

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Jessica Foley Successfully Defends her Thesis!

Masters Candidate Jessica Foley successfully defended her thesis entitled:

Using an individual based model to evaluate the effects of climate change on the reproductive phenology of eelgrass (Zostera marina L.) along a latitudinal gradient


Congratulations Jess!

Septic Detectives?  NPR visits the Harris Lab

The Harris Lab recently had a visit with a reporter from NPR about our septic tracer project.  To read the story, click the link below!

NPR Visits the Harris Lab